Corporate philosophy

Bilingual disclosure

Disclosure of information bilingually in Japanese and English

ZAIHON INC. specializes in the translation into English of the information disclosure documents of listed companies. Because of such factors as steady increase in the shareholding ratio of foreign investors and the movement to adopt IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards), the age of mandatory bilingual information disclosure in Japanese and English will soon be arriving to Japan.

We take the burden of English language disclosure off the shoulders of the customer

ZAIHON wants to assist the customer by taking the burden of creating disclosure documents in English off the shoulders of the customer. We aim to realize a society in which it is possible for information disclosure in English to be a normal part of operations for all listed companies in Japan.

President's Message

Zaihon will earn absolute trust as your partner for all English corporate documentation needs.

We assist listed companies disclose their information in English

Although we describe ourselves as a translation company, ZAIHON, INC. differs from general translation companies in that it operates in a considerably specialized market. Firstly, our customers are predominantly listed companies and, secondly, our specialty is the Japanese to English translation of disclosure information released by companies. ZAIHON is a fully owned subsidiary of PRONEXUS INC., a long-standing expert in the production of mandatory disclosure material. ZAIHON is committed to assisting listed companies with their information disclosure in English.

We reflect the customer's corporate culture and preferences

The types of documentation that our work mainly consists of, such as financial reports, adhere mostly to a set pattern and the content and structure of such documents vary little between companies. Whenever possible, however, we adopt the terminology that the customer uses in their business operations, which means it is necessary to maintain consistency with the customer's other disclosure documents and previously disclosed information. We carefully peruse a wide range of resources and, upon familiarizing ourselves with these resources, we assist the customer with their English information disclosure in a way that reflects the customer's style.

We place key importance on communication

At ZAIHON, we place utmost importance on our ability to communicate. Communication is key to not only our ability to translate, but also our power of analysis, research capabilities and ability to identify the needs of the customer. Our work is not simply a matter of receiving the original Japanese documents and translating them into English. Whenever possible we meet with the customer to discuss the work before commencement and proceed with the translation workflow. During the production stage, we endeavor to develop a strong communication relationship with the customer, asking questions and making suggestions. In addition, due to the nature of this work, the customer entrusts us with confidential undisclosed information. We receive, transfer, store and manage this information with the greatest circumspection, such as by using highly secure networks managed by General Solutions and Pronexus.

We seek to maximize synergy to raise customer satisfaction

The need for timely English translation of disclosure information is rapidly increasing as the shareholding ratio of foreign investors increases in listed companies. We are always striving to maximize customer satisfaction by quickly, accurately and efficiently producing English documentation with minimum hassle for the people responsible on the customer's side.

Corporate Data

Company Name ZAIHON, INC.
Representative Satoko Matsumoto, President and Representative Director
Capital 80,000,000 yen
Established December 20, 2006
Shareholder PRONEXUS INC. 100%
Corporate Officers
Chairman and Representative Director
Morio Ueno (Chairman and Director, PRONEXUS INC.)
President and Representative Director
Satoko Matsumoto
Takeshi Ueno (President and Representative Director, PRONEXUS INC.)
Masahiro Owada (Director and Executive Officer, PRONEXUS INC.)
Nobuhisa Sato (Managing Executive Officer, PRONEXUS INC.)
Nobuyoshi Sugihara (Managing Executive Officer, PRONEXUS INC.)
Corporate Auditor
Kenichi Nakano (Standing Corporate Auditor, PRONEXUS INC.)
Address 2nd Floor, Sumitomo Higashi-Shimbashi Building No.2,
2-12-7 Higashi Shimbashi,
Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0021 Japan
TEL: 03-5408-9515
FAX: 03-5408-9701